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The contents, pictures, images, renderings, maps and pictorial representations contained herein may be stock/ standard photography used for the purpose and have been taken at a location other than the ____ project site and are used to indicate a conceptual lifestyle. The same are purely indicative in nature and are / may be the creative imagination and an artist / designer / architect’s impression and the actual product may vary / differ from what is indicated herein and are subject to approvals from concerned authorities.

The common areas and amenities that have been shown herein are for the entire Project and not specific for any particular building or phase of the Project. The common areas and amenities may not be available on completion of the first phase of the Project and may be developed in a phase-wise manner, over a period of time and will be completed and may be handed over after all phases in the Project are completed.

The specifications and amenities mentioned in this document / brochure / advertisement and promotional documents are only representational and informative. The Developer reserves rights to make additions, deletions, alterations or amendments as and when it deem fit and proper, without any prior notice. No representation or warranty is made or intended as to the accuracy or completeness of information and no commitments are being given under this document / brochure / advertisement / promotional document as to it’s availability or suitability or adequacy for any purpose or whatsoever.

All dimensions mentioned in the drawings may vary/differ due to construction contingencies and site conditions. Actual product/ development and any other aspect may differ from what is portrayed herein. All layouts, plans, specifications, dimensions, designs, measurements and locations are indicative and not to scale and are subject to change as may be decided by the company or competent authority. Revision, alteration, modification, addition, deletion, substitution or recast, if any, may be necessary during construction.

The picture of the proposed Residential Flat/Unit and all furniture’s, fixtures, items, electronic goods, amenities, landscaping, accessories etc. specified therein are only for the purpose of show casing the Residential Flat/Unit and the Developer is not liable / required to provide any furniture, items, electronic goods amenities, accessories etc. as displayed in the pictures.

The actual / real views shown in this document / brochure may vary over period of time. All intending purchaser/s are bound to inspect the actual site and all plans and approvals and apprise themselves of actual site all plans and approvals and other relevant information and nothing in this document / brochure /advertisement or other documents is intended to substitute to the intending purchaser the actual plans and approvals obtained from time to time.

The Brochure may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and the Developer shall not be held responsible for such inaccuracy, though all efforts have to be made to ensure accuracy.

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All dimensions are approximate and subject to construction variances. Interior designing used in the flat/unit plan and images are only for representation purpose. The Developer reserves sale rights to amend architectural specifications during development stages. The content of this published material is indicative and may/may not form part of the final projects. All details and prices quoted are indicative and have been calculated on basic rate.

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